Friday, February 27, 2009

let the slimming begin!

diet diary, day 1

so yesterday i purchased a starter kit of a pharmacy diet system. i won't name names but you know the kind.

in the last 18 hours i've consumed:

3 meal replacement shakes
2 cups of tea (1 decaf, 1 regular)
60g of edam cheese (2 x 30g of an 'allowable snack')
copius amounts of water

so far so good, don't feel any hungrier than usual, though the cupboards are pretty bare of "allowable snacks" and "balanced meals."
definately have to go grocery shopping asap before i get thoroughly sick of cheese. ("surely that's not possible" i hear you cry!)
this afternoon i shall endeavour to get out for a walk and i shall be well on my way to the new slim me!
i won't bore you with details like weights or measurements too often hopefully, but i will do a weekly weigh-in to track how i'm going, which will hopefully serve not only as motivation to keep going but accountability when i slip up.

wish me lucks!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

nappy madness!

is it wrong to be this excited when i buy new cloth nappies? probably, and yet i feel totally unabashed to announce it to the world! i just purchased 5 new naps for my little unicorn's bot, 3 yellow and 2 blue.

this will bring us up to a grand total of 15, which hopefully should allow me to only wash every second day instead of daily, however we've been doing cloth nappies full-time for about 2 weeks now and i *still* somehow feel excited about washing them every day!

it's no doubt more to do with sleep deprivation than i care to let on...

Friday, February 13, 2009

song fu; thoughts so far...

i always find it time consuming to give this competition my carefully considered vote (how's that for alliteration?) due to the sheer number of challengers, however being the SAHM that i now am, i am slowly managing to whittle down the entrants.

like ore in the crucible, i subject the song fu entries to a modern-day refiners fire: the rating system on my iPod. as each song plays i use the star ratings to indicate my enjoyment of the song, then periodically remove all songs with a 2 or lower.

after culling once, i have just replayed the playlist and so far have the following thoughts regarding this round;
  • the entries which didn't opt for the more obvious takes on "a happy song" in terms of content didn't amuse me, however songs without the word "happy" or derivatives in the title were more successful (mostly)
  • often i find with song fu, everyone is angling for a comedic song as well, often to the detriment of the songwriting quality. in this round its clear that those aiming just for pure happy hit the mark better than those attempting to be silly, funny or put a spin on the happy song idea. i'm looking at you audiomohel. personally i think avoiding the phrase "butt-rape" might have been a better idea, imho
  • apparently kazoos and ukeleles really say "happy song" well
  • i voted for paul & storm from the masters selection, assuming that neil innes would be winning, because i want to ensure they made it to the next round simply so i can get another song out of them only to find out they were kicking everyone else's proverbial! go P & S!
  • having said that, neil's song sounds far more like a sad song to me... a nice one but a sad one nonetheless
  • mostly i think molly has this one in the bag, although crabbydad's schnappi-esque entry is so gosh-darn infectious that i can't stop playing it! molly's song is a bit more clever though and i also can't get it out of my head.
  • hallelujah ape's song has a strong beatles feel to it which i can't help but enjoy, but third place is going to the mike lombardo trio's sweet song: "me and caroline."
  • there were 2 muppet moments for me, the kazoo solo in molly's song reminded me of ma-na-ma-na near the end and storm's singing on "hippie with a djembe" had just a hint of muppet to it. not the first time that comment has been made either! i'm sure he is confident enough in his vocal abilities not to be bothered by it!

so i have my top three votes, and am left with 4 songs fighting it out for the last 2 votes... what to do?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

masters of song fu

if you haven't yet heard of "masters of song fu", aside from clearly having been dwelling beneath some sort of sedimentary or igneous formation for the last several months, you really ought to head over to "QUICK STOP ENTERTAINMENT" and check it out.

it is essentially a battle to the death of gladiatorial proportions, through the medium of songwriting. their site will explain it better than I can, all you need to know is to visit the site, listen to the songs and then vote on who brought the most fu. this round the task was to write a happy song, and you can vote for one "master" and 5 "challengers"

gogogo!!! if nothing else, its a great place to be exposed to fresh new music by some old favs like paul & storm* as well as some people you might not have heard of...yet.



* i mean that in the fondest, non-age-related way! <3

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

posting from my cellphone doesn't work


you know that feeling...

that warm, fuzzy feeling when you are holding a tiny baby in your arms, and you know, deep down, you just *know* that this precious little person has totally weed on you.

this feeling is, to paraphrase YOU KNOW WHO, my past, present and future.

things morgan and i like right now

  • baby slings
  • cloth nappies
  • bunny rugs
  • baby pamol
  • brothers and sisters (tv series)
  • soft licorice
  • cuddles
  • dreamy lemon yoghurt

blog manifesto

aka, the rules

i've always found that creativity blossoms best within a set of defined boundaries, such as a client brief or a technical specification. ergo, i have decided to outline some rules or guidelines for the blog.

  1. i shall not use capital letters
  2. posts will usually be short due to time constraints
  3. i will not attempt to include every little detail in the interests of accuracy, this is for my own sanity and to limit post length. in short, i will try not to ramble
  4. if i can blog from my cellphone, i will
  5. blogging will never come before my daughter, but probably will come before housework!
  6. i shall endeavour to post creative output as often as possible in an attempt to encourage myself towards doing more artistic stuffs
  7. i will endeavour to post links to other interesting stuff that i encounter out there on the webbernets
  8. in stark contrast to no.1, i like links to be CAPITAL LETTERS. it is a woman's perogative to not only change her mind, but contradict it at the same time, if she should so wish
Hows that?

getting the ball rolling...

its been on my mind lately that i might want to start a new blog.
my past blogging endeavours have fizzled out after a while because i haven't stuck at them, usually more to do with a lack of content than from a lack of dedication. who am i kidding? its also from a lack of dedication!

anyway i've finally gone ahead and started a new blog, this one centering, as everything does, around my baby daughter and our new life together. now that i'm at home with her all day, i find my mind wandering to thoughts artistic more frequently. perhaps this project might spur me on to actually turn some of these ideas into realities!

so welcome aboard, next stop, the blog manifesto!