Friday, February 27, 2009

let the slimming begin!

diet diary, day 1

so yesterday i purchased a starter kit of a pharmacy diet system. i won't name names but you know the kind.

in the last 18 hours i've consumed:

3 meal replacement shakes
2 cups of tea (1 decaf, 1 regular)
60g of edam cheese (2 x 30g of an 'allowable snack')
copius amounts of water

so far so good, don't feel any hungrier than usual, though the cupboards are pretty bare of "allowable snacks" and "balanced meals."
definately have to go grocery shopping asap before i get thoroughly sick of cheese. ("surely that's not possible" i hear you cry!)
this afternoon i shall endeavour to get out for a walk and i shall be well on my way to the new slim me!
i won't bore you with details like weights or measurements too often hopefully, but i will do a weekly weigh-in to track how i'm going, which will hopefully serve not only as motivation to keep going but accountability when i slip up.

wish me lucks!


  1. Blasphemy. Cheese is the ultimate snack.

  2. It is pretty awesome right now when I'm starving, thats for sure!