Wednesday, February 11, 2009

blog manifesto

aka, the rules

i've always found that creativity blossoms best within a set of defined boundaries, such as a client brief or a technical specification. ergo, i have decided to outline some rules or guidelines for the blog.

  1. i shall not use capital letters
  2. posts will usually be short due to time constraints
  3. i will not attempt to include every little detail in the interests of accuracy, this is for my own sanity and to limit post length. in short, i will try not to ramble
  4. if i can blog from my cellphone, i will
  5. blogging will never come before my daughter, but probably will come before housework!
  6. i shall endeavour to post creative output as often as possible in an attempt to encourage myself towards doing more artistic stuffs
  7. i will endeavour to post links to other interesting stuff that i encounter out there on the webbernets
  8. in stark contrast to no.1, i like links to be CAPITAL LETTERS. it is a woman's perogative to not only change her mind, but contradict it at the same time, if she should so wish
Hows that?

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